Welcome to the hard part of this dreaming visit of yours. These are the documents which you may want to peruse before jumping in the inlet waters or the swimming pool...Please feel free to contact our Property Manager should you need further clairification.


General Documents:
* ST. JAMES Condominium Offering Book

Sub-Let Rental Documents:

* Sub-Let Instructions                                                    
* Application to Sub-Let and the Tenant Information Sheet
* Sub-Lease
* House (Fifth Schedule) and Pool rules
* Rules and Regulation Agreement


Resale Documents:

* St James Court - Assignment of Lease model
* St James Court - Fifth Schedule of Lease-Restrictions on tenants & Pool rules- Revised October 2012
* St James Court - Rules & Regulations Acceptance
* St James Court- Application For Assignment of Lease August 2009
* St James Court  - Resale Instructions
* St. James Court - Owner & Tenant Information Sheet


Property Policies:

1. Renovation Rules

2. Pets on the Property

3. Barbequing

4. New Flooring

5. Home Insurance

6. Balcony Tiling

7. Docking and Mooring

8. Plan for Renovating

9. Licence for Alterations